Mununjali Housing & Development


Mununjali Housing and Development Company Ltd is the umbrella for Jymbi (Family) Centre, Jymbilung House Home and Community Care and the Youth Support Coordinator. Mununjali Housing became a company in 1994, after starting as Beaudesert Aborigines and Islander Cooperative Society in 1974. This society still exists as an entity, however is solely run by Mununjali under a Memorandum of Understanding towards an “intended line of action” (“Memorandum of Understanding”, 2010).


Mununjali Housing Co Ltd reports to a Board of Directors who are all volunteers. Brad Currie is the manager of all Mununjali programs. Mununjali Housing employs forty eight employees, including Jymbi program coordinator, Aged Care , Housing and Finance coordinator, administration coordinator,. Many Indigenous, and non-Indigenous, community members donate time and enthusiasm to the various activities and programs operating under the Mununjali Housing umbrella. It is known as Mununjali Jymbi, the Mununjali family.

How we help the community

Today, Mununjali are involved in many projects including providing long term housing for their members in the Beaudesert and Logan City areas: Youth Support programs; Aged Care; Early Intervention programs; and much much more.

If you require any further information please feel free to contact us on 07 5541 2575 or email us here.

Next Board Meeting



Held 24th November 2016

2017 AGM:- To be announced Soon


Housing Needs: For emergency repairs

First Call General Manager 0417733020 …Then

Plumbing : Tom Moore 0755411507

Electrical : Graham Ferguson 0409471263

Carpentry : BAR 0439640919