About us



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Minyahgu (Hello)

Let us tell you about some of the things we do:

  • community Housing
  • Housing support
  • child protection initiatives
  • Well Being
  • foster and kinship care support
  • family support services
  • playgroups
  • early education programs
  • aged care and disability support
  • in-home care

Mununjali the Company


Mununjali Housing and Development Company Ltd is the umbrella for Jymbi (Family) Centre, Jymbilung House Home and Community Care and the Mununjali Pace Program. Mununjali Housing became a company in 1994, after starting as Beaudesert Aborigines and Islander Cooperative Society in 1974. This society still exists as an entity, however is solely run by Mununjali under a Memorandum of Understanding towards an “intended line of action” (“Memorandum of Understanding”, 2010).


Mununjali Housing Co Ltd reports to a Board of Directors who are all volunteers. Brad Currie is the manager of all Mununjali programs. Mununjali Housing employs over 60 employees, including Jymbi program coordinator, Aged Care , Housing and Finance coordinator, administration coordinator,. Many Indigenous, and non-Indigenous, community members donate time and enthusiasm to the various activities and programs operating under the Mununjali Housing umbrella.

Our vision

Mununjali promotes community and cultural living, connecting with place and land. By listening to and drawing from the past and present we are building pathways to enhance our future

Our mission

It is the Mission of Mununjali Housing and Development Company Limited to provide Housing, Aged Care & Wellbeing with Care, Trust & Compassion to Mununjali Descendants, other First Nation people of this land and all other consumers who choose our service with a consistent high quality. 

Our values

  • Compassion
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Belonging
  • Encouragement
  • Open Communication
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Willingness to go further
  • Sympathy
  • Support
  • Time
  • Family


We recognise the cultural diversity that exists within Mununjali and respect the rights, views and values of our Elders, clients, consumers, members and the community and each other.


We act honestly, truthfully and transparently in all our operations.


We strive to meet the needs of those who utilise our services and the broader community. We treat all people with respect.


We are committed to providing high quality and consistancy with our services.


We acknowledge the past mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  We will work to mend and build relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for the benefit of all.

How do we approach what we do?